Tipster Black Locust

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Black Locust smoking clips for tips and prerolls, original size.
0.50 Ounces
Maximum Purchase:
1000 units

Black Locust smoking clips for tips and prerolls, so simple and awesome you can only wonder why you don't already have them. Get some!

Handmade, in Maine. This new style of clips was invented by an award-winning Maine Wooden Boatbuilder. Easy to carry and use, light, durable — klipeaz not only work amazingly well, but they have a sleek, sophisticated look which is simply impossible to achieve with the existing alternatives. 

These clips have been known to convert pipe smokers to joint smokers.

A great way to make smoking simple and easy for beginners.

An awesome upgrade from all current options, for experienced smokers.

Oil-rubbed finish. 100% Handmade in Maine

Individually packaged in a simple craft box. No two clips are exactly the same as they are all handmade. All clips are inspected and quality-tested before shipping. 

Easily customizable. 

Patent pending. 

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