Cherry Legend, Oil-rubbed finish

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Cherry Legend smoking pipe. Solid hardwood. Made in USA.
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A shapely hardwood smoking pipe designed for the discerning cannabis smoker: This debonair cherry smoking pipe is designed by an award-winning Maine Wooden Boatbuilder. 

Do you know why boatbuilders don't fuck around? Because you can't get out and walk when something goes wrong. 

The Legend cannabis pipe is designed and made with the boatbuilder's same obsessive attention to detail. Every aspect of this simple tool has been refined to create a pipe which is perfected for the cannabis-smoking connoisseur.

•The stem hole is at the bottom of the bowl, which helps keep a slow steady burn going, and the contents of the bowl burn more evenly. 

•The bowl accomodates enough for two people to have a nice smoke, or one person to go on a long solo walk or ... it's no one-hitter, nor is it a black hole of a bowl. 

•Easy to clean. Five spare screens included.

•Small enough to carry almost anywhere. 

•Awesome hand-feel: never too hot to touch.

•Wood will develop a handsome patina over time.

Made of sustainably harvested hardwood in the USA. 

Packaged for individual sale with in an attractive green velveteen drawstring bag. 

Highly collectible. New editions in different types of wood and equally awesome but visibly different styles, i.e., a longer stem for smokers with fancy 'staches, will be forthcoming. 

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